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The Sounds of Escape Room

Posted by Christopher at 1:44pm

It's not long now until Escape Room is published on the 3rd February, but in the immortal words of Mike D it's time to let the soundtrack, "Mmmm, D-r-r-r- rop!" 

Following on from the playlists I created for The Many Worlds of Albie BrightThe Jamie Drake EquationThe Infinite Lives of Maisie Day, The Longest Night of Charlie Noon and Space Oddity, these are the songs that soundtrack the story of Escape Room in my mind. Each chapter has its own track, so track one equals chapter one and so on. From Lorde to R.E.M., Mazzy Star to Martin Carr, The Cure, Camera Obscura, The Avalanches and more, these are the songs that in some way inspired me as I was writing Escape Room or which now take on a new meaning as I think about Ami and her teammates journey through The Escape. 

The book has twenty-two chapters, but the soundtrack to Escape Room ends with a twenty-third song. This is 'Jubilee Street' by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and I chose this song for its transcendent beauty, especially the climatic closing lines which I imagine playing as the end credits of the book scroll by.

If you can't wait until publication day, you can now read an exclusive extract from Escape Room and you can pre-order your copy of the book here. And a huge thank you if you do. 

Until next time...