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Shortlists and inspirations

I'm thrilled to reveal that Twelve Minutes to Midnight has been shortlisted for both the 2013 Northern Ireland Book Award and the Warwickshire Secondary Book Award. It's been chosen alongside some marvellous books on both shortlists and I'm really proud to be a part of these awards that help promote a love of reading.

Speaking of which, the education company Pearson have recently launched a campaign to promote reading for pleasure. If you visit the Enjoy Reading website, you'll find a host of videos from myself and the author Michaela Morgan sharing our ideas and tips for parents on ways to help children to enjoy reading.  Watch these if you want to find out why I recommend you don't turn up at the birth of your first child with a copy of War and Peace, and exactly which Axel Scheffler book taught my daughter the word 'Monster'.

I've also got a new blog up on the Bookbuzz website where I write about the literary inspiration I found on my older brother's bookshelf when I was growing up. And finally, I just wanted to share the following poem that an eleven year-old reader of Twelve Minutes to Midnight sent to me recently. Caution - mild spoilers ahead if you haven't read the book yet!

At Twelve Minutes to Midnight
Nothing is as it seems
At Twelve Minutes to Midnight
The inmates of Bedlam awake from their dreams
At Twelve Minutes to Midnight
Visions are unleashed
And Penelope is intrigued
Soon she can't resist
The suspicious mist
And secrets of the future
Are revealed.

Thanks so much Ahlaam for sending me your poem and giving me permission to share it on this blog.