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The Clock Is Ticking…

Posted by Christopher at 9.26pm

In fifteen days time my book Twelve Minutes to Midnight is published. Hurrah! To give you a taste of the story to come, here's a glimpse of the back cover blurb:

It's 1899. Every night at twelve minutes to midnight the inmates of Bedlam, London's notorious hospital for the insane, rise from their beds and begin scribbling strange words on any surface they can find - scraps of paper, the walls of their cells, even their own skin. What can it mean?

Penelope Tredwell, thirteen-year-old owner of the bestselling magazine, The Penny Dreadful, is intrigued. She's always seeking out sinister stories to fill her magazine's pages but she's never encountered anything as chilling as this. Soon she's ensnared in a venomous plot, and Penny realises that this isn't just a story, it's the future.

And the future looks deadly...


As each tick of the clock brings the publication of Twelve Minutes to Midnight closer, I'm going to give you the chance to win a signed copy today! All you need to do is make your own prediction of the future in the comments below.

From flying cars to books you can download directly into your brain, what do you think the next hundred years will bring? The contest is open internationally and closes at twelve minutes to midnight on Sunday 22 January (UK time).

I can't wait to see what you think the future holds...

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Zac said...

Wednesday January 18th 2012

One of my favourite NZ authors, Brian Falkner, imagined a future where you could attach a cap to your head and work a computer only using your brain waves.  You could surf the net, play games and even write a book just by thinking about it.  I think that would be cool.

Homa said...

Thursday January 19th 2012

High speed trains across the US would be nice but I’ve always hoped for transporter beams like in Star Trek so I’ll say space tourism in 100 years!

Amy Pirt said...

Thursday January 19th 2012

The internet will crash and burn. Paper books will cease to exist.

Devon Greene said...

Thursday January 19th 2012

I predict that in seventeen months, twelve days and two hours, we will finally know how much wood a wood chuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

Katinka Isaac said...

Thursday January 19th 2012

There will be robots that will do all the work, like tidying your room. 

There will be a special button in your car.  All you do is press it and you are there straight away.

Teachers will be on the computer screen so you won’t have to go to school and books will turn their own pages when you are ready.

By Katinka Isaac Age 9

Hannah said...

Thursday January 19th 2012

Oooh I’d love to get my hands on a copy of 12 Minutes to Midnight! smile

Hmm.. future prediction.. I’m so bad at this kind of vision! I very much think in what has been, what is, and the imaginative, but not in what could be, if that makes sense?
How about medecines? I don’t know about cures. That’s not something I can predict. But I do think there’ll be an awful lot more choices in medecines to prolong a good quality of life for the physically and mentally ill. Especially in things like dementia, cancer, the sorts of things that are researched heavily. smile I hope I’m right.

Desna said...

Thursday January 19th 2012

Faster technology, instant information, watches that talk to us and keep us informed of everything we want to know. More stress but quicker ways to heal.
Unfortunately more violence.
What it would be good to see is not time travel through the past - but space travel so we are instantly where we want to be. No traffic jams, no flying costs. Just a thought and we are there!!

AliB68 said...

Friday January 20th 2012

I think that genetically modified exotic animals will be kept as pets. Giraffes the size of greyhounds, hippos you can keep in an aquarium, jaguars the size of tabbies. It will be brilliant.

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