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Reviews of Twelve Minutes to Midnight

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First of all, an apology. I’m afraid that I’ve been treating this blog like the diary I kept when I was thirteen: initial flurries of activity punctuated by long drawn-out silences, although with slightly less angst-ridden poetry written in the margins.

Anyway, since Twelve Minutes to Midnight was published back in February, it’s been receiving some rather lovely reviews and I just wanted to collect some of these together in one place so that anyone who hasn’t bought a copy yet can see just what they’re missing out on! I was prompted to do this when I spotted this great review yesterday from a reader on the Guardian Children’s Books website. A huge thank you to Isaac260 and to all the reviewers who have taken the time to share their thoughts on Twelve Minutes to Midnight.

"Pacy and tightly-plotted, this is an exuberant and entertaining adventure story set in an appealingly foggy and sinister Victorian London. The feisty and courageous Penelope makes the perfect heroine for an adventure packed with exciting twists and turns." Booktrust

“Really pacey historical thriller with a great sense of eerie Victorian atmosphere.” The Bookseller

"Twelve Minutes to Midnight is an exceptional introduction to the mystery genre in children’s literature. This is a fast-paced historical thriller in every sense of the word. Packed full of intrigue and drama, it reads like a 'Sherlock Holmes' for kids." The Bookbag

"This is a clever Victorian romp, fast paced and very readable." Books for Keeps

"Twelve Minutes to Midnight by Christopher Edge is my first “must-read” of 2012 and will continue to be one that other middle grade novels will be held up against."

“A thriller with a fast-paced cinematic style…an electrifying story from an exciting new author”

"A gripping story which brings Victorian London vividly to life."

“An enjoyable read set in Victorian England with a lead character who I adored … I am already excited about getting the next instalment.” The Overflowing Library

"Christopher Edge weaves a truly delicate and intricate plot set at a perfect level for this age group." My Book Corner

“I found this book absolutely gripping and loved the combination of Victorian London – with its Dickensian scar-faced villains and possibly-mad beautiful widows – and the supernatural, with the eerie predictions of the asylum inmates.” Liz Bankes

"More feisty fictional heroines are definitely welcome – and Penelope Tredwell certainly fits the bill."

"It's got everything you want from a mystery set in Victorian times - scar-faced villains, beautiful but damned widows, and elements of the supernatural - it's the ultimate tale of terror!" The Kooky Toon Book Corner

There is also a fantastic review of Twelve Minutes to Midnight on the Fun Kids radio station Book Club podcast - you can download this for iTunes for free or just click on the play button next to the February podcast (number 4) to listen.




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