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Posted by Christopher at 5.16pm

So, seven days to go until Twelve Minutes to Midnight is published, but somebody has won themselves a signed copy already! Thanks to everyone who entered the Twelve Minutes to Midnight giveaway -  it was fantastic to read your future predictions and I think that some of you could put Mystic Meg to shame. Anway, without further ado, here's the winning entry from AliB68:

I think that genetically modified exotic animals will be kept as pets. Giraffes the size of greyhounds, hippos you can keep in an aquarium, jaguars the size of tabbies. It will be brilliant.

A visionary prediction that I think JG Ballard would have been proud to have come up with! Congratulations AliB68 - please get in touch with your address so I can send you a signed copy of Twelve Minutes to Midnight.

Right, off to a pet shop now to ask if they've got any pocket-sized zebras!


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